Steer Engineering - Corporate Office
about this project
    STEER Engineering manufactures high grade steel components for the Engineering Plastics Industry for markets in Asia, Europe and North America. The architects were involved in the design of their corporate office and additions to the different manufacturing units. The strategy was to evolve a new “Brand Identity” for the company through a signature office building.

    The built mass is treated as a plug-in component that envelopes the existing factory building and gives a new face to the entire organization. In the quality and ambience of the spaces, the office is a “Brand Space” that reflects the global ambitions of the company. The “Plug-In” attitude is a manifestation of the desire for progress while developing on the present.

    Formally, the plug-in is a self similar C section that is repeated across the cross-section and interiors. The conceptualization of exterior and interior with the same vocabulary enables the feeling of homogeneity and continuity but at the same time allows for differentiation of effect due to scale and material variations. The core programs of the building – a video conference facility and three cabins, line up along one side of the atrium, which becomes a visitors’ reception.

    The three cabins above the video conference facility are separated by C slits that bring in daylight along the horizontal and vertical. The slits are controlled by motorized blinds in the video conference to blacken the space for projections. Both exterior and interior are patterned by a series of lines that are carried on vertical and horizontal planes – false ceiling, metal louvers, storage shutters, gravel strips, etc.
STYLE: Contemporary
location: Bengaluru